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All day sits - phone charger


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Hey fellas... I know there has been some discussions in the past on how to keep your phone charged on some of those all days hunts. I ran across this the other day while playing golf. Buddy had his phone and his boombox speaker hooked up to this thing and I asked what it was and he said it's a charger. There are 4 USB ports that you can have going at one time. Buddy said he has charged his phone at least 4 times and the charger itself was still at 3 of 4 lights so it still was at 75% charge which I thought was pretty impressive. $125 originally and Amazon has it for $33. I just got mine on friday and used it last night already. If you have been looking at finding something to help with all day sits, give it a look.


I love my battery charger/SD card downloaded. I can view pics on phone while in tree and charge my phone.
I have pretty much the same thing. I have to admit - I feel kinda pathetic that I sit on my phone deer hunting. Guilty as charged!!!! But, last year, I left it in my backpack vast majority of every hunt and never needed the charger. Trying to reverse course on being a sissy. ;)
After I send my wife a pic of my tree stand position on google maps I usually put the phone in airplane mode. Half the time I watch my battery drop as my phone searches for a signal and since I don't have any games it's not that entertaining. Don't get me wrong, I'll check my phone every hour for a BBD text, but I kinda like being disconnected while I'm enjoying God's creation.
Curious, are most of you using I phones? I know my brother has one that doesn't last long. I have a droid and it seldom runs out of power. Near time to upgrade so I am weighing my options.
When I'm in the hill and valleys and the signal is bad the battery drops fast. So no games for me maybe IW a few times :eek:on a all day hunt. If I need a charge I use a powerocks charger.
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