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All day sits

All days can be absolutely brutal. I am usually good for doing a few each year, but not more than 2 or 3 on consecutive days.

Just yesterday I did an all day sit and around 1230 i thought I was going to capitalize, had nice mature buck coming at me from upwind, but he took a different path and veered off another direction. I tried grunting, rattling, and a snort wheeze and he wouldnt turn.

Im good with doing two in a row, but doing a 3rd consecutive starts to wear on me. I really struggle with not doing them though at times. I mean I wait all year to go, take vacation time and you know all it takes is one hot doe or a cruising buck to make it worth it so if I dont sit all day I really feel like Im missing out on something.

Other thing is walking in&out twice in the same day im then doubling the scent I leave and doubling the risk of bumping deer going in & out, so it feels safer to just stay. Driving all the way to where I hunt makes me feel like i need spend as much time in the tree as possible when i do go. I need to back off on doing them though, because it seriously starts to take the fun out of it.

On the other hand, several all day sits have been phenomenal for me with seeing deer nearly all day long and seeing chasing etc. The best all day sit i ever had was on November 7 several years ago on public. Walking in in the dark I could hear chasing and bucks grunting. It literally lasted the entire day and ended maybe half an hour before dark with me sticking a nice 8 making a scrape 20 yards from me. I remember I stopped at caseys and bought two king size snickers that morning and I was only able to eat one because i literally had deer all around me the entire day. I have had a couple other days where I am seeing deer so consistently and bucks moving that that is why i keep doing them.
I found out last year that 5 hours is too long for me to sit still. It wasn't cold, but I got cool and stiff. When a big shooter buck came through, about right at the 5 hour mark, I had such an adrenaline dump into my inactive body that I just about shook myself out of the tree. I'm far from a rookie, shot plenty of wall hangers, and it'd been years since I'd even shuddered from adrenaline excitement during a hunt. I was so pissed off when I climbed down out of that tree. What an absolute waste of time. I absolutely blew it. Never again.
I just have to smile and shake my head. Probably 5-6 years ago I took a week off work to hunt the rut Monday through Friday. Of course the weekend prior and after as well. So come the Friday of my vacation I was on my 7th straight all day sit. I was fried. I had heard so many squirrels running around in the leaves that I wouldnt even turn and look when i heard brush rustling. About 3pm I hear something coming through the leaves from behind me and I dont even turn to look. It got close enough to the point that I then hear the weight of it hitting the ground and realize its not a squirrell, turn and was so caught off guard and shocked that there at 20-30 yards and closing is the best buck I had on cam, probably 150's. Somehow I got stood up and turned for a shot, but missed high at only 20 yards. I was so burned out.
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