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Antler measurement requirement.


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Possibly an old discussion and yes I did do a brief search. If it’s an old topic point me to the correct thread.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on the new antler measurement requirements on Iowa tags? I/E antler size to age of deer relationship is the desired window to see through. I’m not sold on it. I did inquire with the State deer biologist regarding it. The response was timely and I appreciate that. While I will not share a private conversation I’m just not sold on having to do this even with his explanation. Yes, I know we are required to report turkey spur length. My overriding thought is that as tax payers, tag and license purchasers we are paying the State to do the research to better sustain and improve the deer herd. Do your duty and gain your own measurements through your own study that we’re paying for. I’m not against a volunteer effort like CWD testing but adding more requirements and more layers to the game is not the direction to go unless you can prove otherwise. Easy step to perform some will say but where does it end, will we see that improvement to sustainability and/or improvement to the Iowa deer herd if we make this step and gain another data point. Has the spur length measurements helped? Prove to me it has and will do the same for the deer heard and I’ll possibly be more open to jumping through more hoops.
All they want to know is whether main beam is over or under, they don't need the exact length. In 75% of the cases you will already know the answer without measuring. It's less intrusive than reporting the county of harvest
I see no downside to it and I am more than happy to take the few seconds and get them data that they believe will be useful. If you're fine with giving the length of a turkey spur then I'm not sure why you are opposed to an over/under measurement of the beam.

The DNR is always under funded, where do you propose they get the funding to do their own data collection with such a large sample size like they will get with adding this requirement for hunters?
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