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Antler Repair?


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I shot a buck on Monday morning, and would like to get his G2 repaired. I live near Des Moines, and looking for recommendations.

"breiner11" repaired one for me & I have to look at kill photos to tell which tines he rebuilt for the final mount. I'm sure there are others closer to Des Moines, but a word of warning; not every taxidermist who does a good deer head does an equally good job of antler repair.
Talk to Breiner11. He's never done work for me, but I've seen his work. You won't be disappointed.
I shot a buck on Monday morning, and would like to get his G2 repaired. I live near Des Moines, and looking for recommendations.


Like stated before, I'd really do your homework on this one. Have seen awesome mounts ruined by poor poor antler repair.
As another guy mentioned, Tom Sexton does outstanding work and is recognized around the country for it. He is expensive though. Around $20 or so per inch last I recall. Joe Meder uses Tom for his antler repairs, which says a lot.
Really what this comes down to is how important to you is it that it is perfect or not. This is not a skill set that every taxidermist has mastered nor a skill set that every taxidermist takes on. Do your homework and check references as you are doing here and you will realize you get what you pay for like most things. The same thing goes with taxidermists as there are many that have not developed their skills to the point where they should be charging people.
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Tom sexton in Amana is the best around. I have not seen anything that can compare to his work.

I've seen some disasterous looking antler repairs over the years. When I decided to have one done, I went with the best that I knew of. Sexton did an amazing job on a major repair, building two brow tines and attaching an entire main beam. Not cheap, but worth it to me.

Horible photos but they are all that I have on digital to show the work.


If your local taxidermist can't repair antlers I sure wouldn't let him mount it.

I'm not "mounting" the deer. I simply want an antler repair done, so I can display the antlers myself. The deer has a broken G2 with only about an inch left of what should have been 5-7 inches.

I am still waiting for a wall hanger, but he's a nice deer nonetheless and I want something done.

I've called a lot of taxidermists around the area, some do antler repairs, others do not. Thus why I've came on here looking for suggestions and/help.

2 completely different skills that have nothing to do with each other.

Thank you, that's what I've gathered so far.

P.S. I've got a call out to Doug Thill, going to look at his work. Have tried getting ahold of many of the recommendations here. Thanks!
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