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Auger Choice?

I'm in the minority but I only run 2 strokers.I Don't have to worry about it tipping over.in the back of my truck and burning the piston( happened to my buddies propane twice),they are way lighter that their 4 stroke brethren, and if you winterize properly.they start/run just as well as anything on ice.And that's not to mention they are cheaper and more powerful.I known lots of people Love their propane augers I just dont see the advantage.
Curious how you are getting along with that pro 4 lite?? my buddy bought one this year and just returned it... it wouldn't idle at all.

I haven't been out yet. The weather this month hasn't been very nice to the ice out east! On top of that, I'm recovering from Dec 5 back surgery. Hopefully I'll be out in the next couple of weeks.
Went up to Webster SD this weekend and my Buddies Jiffy Pro 4 propane worked great. I even left my 2 stroke in the truck and used his for 3 days. Work awesome and no mess with the gas. i will switch over eventually. And the perch were huge but a little tough to get. Keep about 40 real nice ones and some walleye. Loved it up there!
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