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Bad Form! Tagged out + Video


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Tuesday night I hunted after work on the farm that I shot my turkey on Saturday. I arrived at 3:00 and as soon as I started putting up the DB a Tom was very close gobbling like crazy.

I worked him for two hours and finally he let me see him as he walked to where I tagged the bird on Saturday. Later the same five toms were behind me with the hens and nothing I tried worked to draw them over. It was a fun hunt being covered up in birds all afternoon but frustrating dealing with hened up toms.
This morning the alarm went off at 3:00am cause I was heading south to hunt with more cover in hopes of catching some loners that weren’t hened up.

The blind was set up in a hay field tucked in a valley with hills behind me as to stay out of the wind. I only heard one gobble south of me which was down wind. Not long after my second series of calls two birds came threw the fence line from the south a Tom and a Jake.
The Jake came in but was squirrelly but the video will tell the rest.

From the blind


Massive wound


Nice hooks


Just hanging out


The self photo shoot went a little better.


I wondered why I hit him a tad low but once I watched the video I knew...... I peeked a bit early on the shot!

This year makes me forget about the last two years of struggling while hunting Turkeys.
As always very blessed and thankful to do what I love! Congrats to all who have scored and success to those still hunting.

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Congrats! One of these years I'd like to get my bow out and fill a tag with it.

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