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Bare Root Tree Seedlings


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Hello All, you may have seen my earlier post about a large scale tree planting project on our family pasture farm. It appears I ordered way too many trees for this project and thought I would offer them up to you all at a discounted price. If I don't sell them I'll find a place to plant them on the farm, just a bit overwhelmed right now. I just picked these up from the Iowa State Nursery yesterday so they are very fresh. Prefer to sell all together because they are stored about an hour from where I live.

From Iowa pickup yesterday 400ea Redosier Dogwood, 400 Wild Plum, 1,200 White Oak. These cost me $2,040, will sell for $1,200 which is obviously $0.60/ea.

If you prefer other species, I also have some Gray Dogwood, Hazelnut, Ninebark, Pin Oak, Red Oak, and maybe a few others. Not sure off hand of what quantities of these species I have.

Trees are located in Van Buren County.
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