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Beating the dead horse of Michigan…


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It’s a sad horse…. It’s dead. It lived a sad life. I’m still beating on it. I’ll probably beat this horse forever ;). Especially until folks in iowa understand how destroyed and degraded other states are.
I’m certain that folks who have hunted these ruined states appreciate iowa more than many of the residents. Of no fault of their own, they haven’t experienced the disasters of other states.

1) MI has over 400% the amount of deer that iowa does - at over 2 million!!!!
2) 19.3 million acres of timber in MI vs 2 million acres of timber in iowa. 10x the amount of habitat!!!!
3) $200 NR deer license that gets u multiple tags in MI vs Iowa’s $665. MI IS OVER THE COUNTER!!!! NO DRAW!!!!!
4) MI offers a gazillion seasons, tags, weapons… “opportunities for everyone!!!” Right?!?!?

11,864 NR Deer tags in last year I found data. Iowa limits it to 6,000.
How is that not mind boggling obvious that one state is doing things right and one is doing things wrong?!?!? MI wants NR’s - bad!!! & they can’t get them. Iowa makes it harder & limits them. I’ll remind folks- MI is not run by a common sense state government. It’s been run by Detroit voters for a century. So much potential- wasted. #’s & common sense tell the story…
I hope this is not his is Iowa's hold my beer moment but appointing a fool as the chair of the Natural Resources and Environment is a scary situation. He is worshipped by many of his constituents so he will be there as long as he wants. So much damage can be done in a short time.
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