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Been tough hunting

Finally got it done during late Muzzleloader. I was able to harvest a doe on the 6 the and a good buck on the 8th. Hunted everyday from the 1st on almost all day every day. Took time out for lunches other than that in a tree. Weather helped being so warm.
On the 8th I decided about 1:30 to go pull a stand. Figure it was a 10 min walk I could get in and out in minutes. So I did a cardinal sin in hunting. I didn't take my gun. Got to the bluff overlooking the bottoms and sure enough there is a buck bedded in the sun. Didn't know what to do other than go back and get my gun. Got back and he was still bedded. Waited for him to stand and when he did I made the shot. Great ending for a tough season.IMG952019010895142805399.jpegIMG952019010895142801336.jpegIMG_20190108_142659892.jpeg

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That’s one in a million getting away with that!! I’d take it though !!! Well done & congrats on a great ending!!
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