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Best combination of sprays for Red Cedar

Next week end I plan on spraying around some year old transplanted Red cedars. I also will be transplanting some more and was wondering the best combination of sprays to use for this time of year? I assume the trees are coming out of dormancy due to the above normal temperature this year. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
We will be sparying our cedars with glysophate (round-up) and sypder XP (Oust XP) - our situation is we've got already growing cool season grasses, brome, that we want to kill with the round-up and have the Oust there to assit in the kill of the brome as well as provide season weed long control.
I have not looked at my trees yet BUT I do plan on spraying some. I will likely pass on the roundup and just use clethodim and crop oil to kill grass. I have a lot of shrubs so my residual will be Simizine and prowl. I'd use oust on Some others and I'd choose to spray with back pack sprayer so I can just avoid spraying on tree. No matter what I spray I avoid tree if possible. But ya- u can still spray. Depending on what u r spraying- b careful with round up now - lots of stuff is budded out.
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