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BH209 Not Firing


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I have a new Knight LRH that I purchased a couple of months ago. I got some BH209 and loaded up at 120 grains and went to the range. Well long story short, I could not get the stuff to ignite well. It would be probably a second delay before the powder ignited. Did some research and ended up buying a different primer and went to the CCI Magnum primers as recommended on the BH209 website. The stuff still would ignite. Put in three pellets of Triple 7 and it ffired perfect. Anybody have any input or possible solutions? Did manage three deer this weekend at my farm lease in Virginia with my new Knight LRH out to 150 yards - love this weapon!
Thanks in advance.
You might need a new breech plug that has a wider opening for flash. A lot of muzzys have this issue with BH 209. The new plug is about 20 bucks online and should solve your issues.
Ps, you gotta post some pics of your deer!
I too have a Long Range Hunter. As stated, the problem is likely the breech plug. I had the same problem a year ago after switching to BH209.

I called Knight at 423-745-2191 and talked with a very nice young lady (Melissa????) she hooked me up with the correct breech plug for the BH209 powder.

Good Luck.
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Have you used an 1/8" drill bit to clean the carbon from the breech plugs flash channel? Just use your fingers and it might take some finger muscle to break through the carbon, but that could very well be your problem. Your next option is to order the bare primer conversion Knight sells. It will cost a bit of $$ but well worth it. Take the time to call and speak with Knight as well and see what kind of help they can offer.
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