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Big 8 hard horned - update - video added


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This is the best buck I know of where I hunt, might be my #1 target buck. Any guess on score?

Big 8.JPG
This angle, he looks tall, but narrow, and skinny tines. I would say 150ish too. Only from this angle though.
I will be hunting a very similar buck. Brow tine size is the deciding factor. Smaller brows...140ish. Big brows....pushing 150. I can't really tell from the pic.
My initial quick glance just made me drool- I like big 8s- a lot. I have an antler that looks similar but the brow was broke off. I’d say about 143-145 from what I see in that picture. Can see width or brows, but either way, I don’t think I could pass at all
150” give or take 5”, hard to get a good read on G1s, beam length and spread. Shoot him and let us know
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He’s heavier than pics make him look. IR shrinks mass imo. Ya, I’d guess around 150. Great buck !!!
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