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borderline bucks.


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On the morning of Nov 2nd I saw a good buck with a small fawn about 75yrds off. I grunted a few times and the buck ended up presenting a perfect slam dunk 12yrd quartering away shot. I dicided to shoot and then changed my mind about 3 times. I would have taken him a few years ago. I've got 10 days off (5th - 15th) comming up and I just did'nt want to be done! I hope it pans out! I'll see this guy again anyway. I really struggle with those borderline bucks.
I can not tell you how many times I have been there, good to hear I'm not the only one. What is borderline to you? I see you have moved that up from a few years ago, so I was just wondering. I know I also have moved up the last several years. Thanks, "Good hunting to all"
You might get a bigger one, a smaller one, the same one or none at all later in the season. I find it easier and easier every year to pass them up. It amazes me how many good bucks are out there and I don't want to be done unless I have a wall hanger or a late season doe. If you shoot the borderline or small buck, you just reduced your chances of getting a big one next year and eliminated your chances for this year.

I'm sad and glad because I'm already done this year. Glad because I shot a nice one with 24" inside spread on Tuesday. Sad because I'm done for the 1st time ever before my November rut vacation. I always told myself that I should line up some out of state northwest Illinois hunting spots in case this happened. But I never did because I have great hunting spots here and wouldn't think of going across the river if I wasn't done here. Oh well, maybe I'll spend my vacation looking for a spot for the next time I do this.
150 Class,
I think you miss understand what I'm asking. I wanted to know what Scout thinks a borderline buck is to him, it could be a 150 class to him thats what I wanted to know. I agree if you shoot a small buck you have hurt yourself for the next year, but I'm doing that.
In 98' I killed my largest a 143. I would really like to break into the 150's. Last year I shot a nice 10pt. (never scored it, see 99 photo gallery) It's what I currently consider a bottom line buck. It made for a unique hunt and I wanted to "close the deal" on him. I have another 10 pt. located in the same spot that looks a little bigger. I plan to hunt it harder in a couple days. As the days click off the calender the bar dropps a little, but I'll wack a roundhead in the late season rather than kill a small buck. I'm looking a using my recurve during late muzzle loader season. Never killed a deer with it. So any deer will be a victory.
Scout, Good luck with the recurve. Sure wish I could use one, but I cannot hit squat without my sight and peep. Have seen plenty of shooters who can but I'm not one of them.

Wags, What do you consider borderline? I try to hold out for 150 gross or better and sure would like to get a B&C some day. Does your 1st name start with a "D"? If it does, I know who you are and I should take the time to join your local Bowman's club one of these days.
Hey good luck, hope you get the 10 you have spotted. I see you are just north of me there in Jackson Co. Great County for nice animals. I have seen your 99 buck it a nice one, way to go. This years not going real good so far for me, have not spotted anything I would like to take yet, but I'm seeing some so thats good, on vacation till the 24 so lets hope it works out.
I hold out for mid 140s and if that does not pan out well a doe will do just fine real late in the season. B&C are out there I have seen 4 in the 22 years of doing this and was able to get 1 in 1995, a 195 1/8 Non Typical 10 point, really 1 in a life time, I hope not but odds are yes it will be. And no my name does not start with a D. I do not live there now just east about 17 miles now. "Good Hunting to all"
Hey also Scout the Sabula man is related to a guy I work with, have seen several pics of this very nice buck. Cool small story behind this kill. I'm happy for him.
The struggle continues... It seems the bar is still set high! At 4pm on the 4th I had a very nice buck under me. He was only an 8pt. but would break well into the 130's. great width and height. Mass was average. I have to consider it a small victory knowing I could have scored on him. I went home and looked up a friend who had seen the 10pt standing dead still in his headlights. He shored up my doubts. I have only seen it in velvet or at a distance. I'll give the eight a week or so, unless I have a close encounter with a bigger deer. Starting today I'm off work until the 17th! I smell VICTORY!
150 Class,
Seen the pic of your 2000 buck, way to go you really have something to be proud of there.
Have you seen him? I wish you the best of luck, hoping to hear a VICTORY chant.
AS for me well its not looking the greatest but I'm having fun. "Good Hunting To All" And don't forget to vote, We all count!
Here is one that's not borderline! I keep getting a little closer to him everyday...

I better get to the bush, later on.


Here's a buck that most archers would take, he has a nice sized body and will make a nice big 8 pointer some day. The corn in the background doesn't help but he has good antler potential.

Photo by me, 11/06/00.


Here is a pic of the buck "Not Borderline" from the backside, you can really see his width and mass.

All the pics I have posted have been scans off 35mm slides and they really don't turn out very well, this pic is off of a 8 x 10 print I just got from Slideprinter and just looks better...a little out of focus and to far out but it gives you an idea.

Just me,


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