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Bow tune question


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Ok- so I won a new Hoyt from a random drawing while I was on vacation. Guy “set it up” and sent it to me. I for the life of me cannot get it to hit center. No matter what I adjust- it’s still hitting left. Of course that guy is no longer in business so I called the closest shop which is over an hour away. He told me I need cam spacers?? This legit?
It’s a Hoyt RX4, RH, 70 lb. (I’ve shot Hoyt for 23 years, first time I’ve had any issue)
Nock an arrow and look at the bow from behind it - try to align the string to the center of the riser and see if your arrow is pointed straight down the middle or points off to one side or the other - probably the rest is set up outside of center shot.
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