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Canada fishing questions


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I will be going to Eagle Lake later in May. I assume we will be targeting walleye and pike. I have not been to Canada since I was a young lad and have not even been fishing in northern MN for longer than I care to mention. Because of that my tackle is not what I should be going up there with. I need some help guys with what to bring with me. I have rods and reels covered but line recommendation's and tackle is what I need help with mostly. I need an excuse to update my tackle box anyway.
Last time I was on Eagle (years ago), we did well with jig heads/minnows, and lindy rig type spinners we pulled behind the boat. I used a slip weight ahead of them (bullet or egg) that was small, but large enough to get them down when slow trolling. Did well with crank baits too. Shad raps or berkley flicker shad work well on walleye when casting or trolling as well. The list could go on forever. :)
That time of year slow minnow presentation will pry be your best bet although we occasionally still use crawlers. Wether it’s a jig head tipped with minnow or dragging spinners on bouncers or lindys. I would get an assortment of different size jig heads (maybe styles if your into that) in different colors. We started using jigging raps last year and that’s becoming our favorite way to fish. I’d buy a couple if you think that style of fishing is something that would interest you.

Pike will typically be up in the shallow warmer waters end of May. Cheap spoons and spinner baits is all you’ll need for slimers. They will be aggressive and hit anything that flashes.
Jig/minnow, and have some rods ready with spinner and minnow combo. Once you find them, jigs are the usually the best that time of year. Good luck
I will be a couple hours North of you on Pakwash during he last week of May. Jigs with minnow/leech will work. Worms also depending on how early the spring is this year. For pike, casting is fun but for the big ones we use frozen chubs on a bobbers around the rocks near egg laying bays. Been going for 20 plus years and never had trouble getting walleye or northern.
I've been fishing Ontario Lakes for over 35 years now and I love PowerPro braided Spectra Fiber fishing line for jigging for walleye. Good luck and enjoy that beautiful lake!
I would second all these opinions, Cyball is spot on with the Shad Raps but no bigger then a #5 deep diver. The walleye are shallow in the spring, fish the bays in 4-12’ of water. Power Bait or minnows on an unpainted 1/4oz jig head is good also. Pike fishing on Eagle has been slow the last several years minus the hammer handles of course. Not unusual to pick up a muskie or lake trout while walleye fishing in the spring. May see ya up there. Have fun!
I really like PowerPro or FireLine for line. If you're targeting big pike steel leaders are a must. When we went to Canada the week of memorial day the last two years big spinner baits and spoons were always hot. Any jig head with a twister tail worked well also. Just be sure to have a variety of colors.

Almost forgot to keep some beetle spins in your tackle box! Snap them on a jig head and gives you a little extra flash. We had great luck with those last year casting for walleyes in shallower water, say 2-10'.
I am a power pro fan as well. I jig with 10-15 lb green and put a fluorocarbon leader on with a a double uniknot. You shouldn’t need anything but 3/8 and 1/4 oz jigs. If I had 1 color to take it would be gold followed by a fire tiger jig and a orange / chartreuse combo jig. Perry PM me if you want more specifics.

If you use the power pro or Fireline type lines make sure you get a good cutter that can handle them and a back up.
For some crazy fun pike action, get yourself a Savage 3D duckling lure. HOLY CRAP!! Its so surreal watching a pike come roaring out from a weed bed to strike that thing!
Sounds like fun, used to fish Quebec for several years in a row.

Eagle lake has some huge Muskies, 54" minimum, I'd be trying to land one of those 50 pounders!

Lake trout & small mouth would be fun to catch too.

Hope the lake isn't iced over that time of year. We used to go to Canada in early June, sometimes there's still a little ice hanging around.

Have a blast!!!
Hooking a lake trout is a blast!! they like to run at you at first so you really gotta set that hook. They have a tough mouth so make sure you use sharp hooks!!
I missed the May time frame part of your question you may want some lighter jigs as well like 1/8 oz. as you will likley be fishing shallow and casting the jigs and retrieving slow with minnows or plastics. I would have something like authent x stuff (moxi and pulsar etc.) for plastics.
One of my favorite ways to catch Walleye is casting shallow crank baits like Rapala SSR’s and. shallow x raps. I woul make sure you have those or similar as well (perch, firetiger, glass ghost, gold, clown). Good for smallies too!
Back trolling or drifting spinners will be effective as well using 1.5 oz and 2 oz bottom bouncers should do that shallow.
Don’t overlook slip bobbers as well. Put on a fluorocarbon leader and freedom jig or hook with a back hooked minnow and kick back and enjoy.
Man I could go on.... Fun stuff Perry, enjoy!
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