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Canada Full Body Decoys


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I have 31 full body goose decoys I am trying to get rid of. Not a thing wrong with any of these, just trying to downsize to around 100 full bodies so I have more room in the trailer for blinds and accessories and thus have selected these to go.

1 dozen green head gear motion dekes, flocked heads, 12 motion stakes included - hunted over 2 years, good condition asking $225 (new $375)

1 dozen final approach last pass, flocked heads and tails, hunted over 2 years, fair condition asking $200 (new $400)

7 greeh head gear ffd elite (fully flocked decoys), 5 lookers, 2 resters, hunted over 2 years, good condition, asking $225 (new $350)

Will work out a deal if you want them all. I get back to Illinois and Iowa quite a bit so we can work something out on delivery.

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Sent you a PM, let me know what pics you want and I will get them out in the next day or two.

Only dekes left are the 7 FFD Elites, the rest have been sold. If anyone is interested let me know.

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