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Changing antlers for field photos


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I posted this on another sight but though i would put it here also.

In october of 2007 i shot what was my best deer at the time so we took alot of field pictures with a film camera.As i was taking the film out of the camera the next day to get them developed i opened the film compartment and the camera did not rewind,so all my pics were ruined.I had already caped the deer out and butchered it so i had no way of doing it over,so i thought of a way to do it with someone elses deer.I didnt want to chance ruining someone elses cape so i needed a deer that knowone was going to mount,or that had a bad cape.I work for a taxidermist so about a month later my buddy shot a buck that he was not going to use the cape on so i got to cutting.I caped it out like normal except i had to peel it alot farther down the sides and face so i could cut the skull plate without cutting the cape. After doing it i realize now that i could do it on any deer because i never did hurt the cape.There have been alot of people that have seen the pictures and not one person said a word about noticing what had happened.Knowing that i shot it on oct 13th they didnt even notice the small sciff of snow thats on the trees in the backround.Since then we have done it for other people that have found there deer later and the cape was rotten or no cape at all.I just thought i would show you incase it ever happened to you.I just used drywall screws to hold it on,and pins in the back to hold the cape on.No droopy ears either.







its not brain surgery,but it looks like it.
I think you just solved the Mitch Rompola debate, I didn't even notice!!! Good work and congrats again!!
thats why i usually try and use 2 cameras just incase something happens to one i have a back-up!! Really good idea tho! Thanks for the info!
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