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Daddie's Little Girl!!!!!


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Well I can finally say I have a Daddie's little girl and my little Princess and all that good stuff that comes with having a girl. Today at 4:32 p.m. our little girl was born. Her older brother thinks she is pretty darn cool and wants to keep her. :)

Makenna Mills Capper
7.6 lbs. 21" long
Completely healthy.

Congrats buddy!!!!! I've got a little girl on the way as well. Will be here August 26th!

Beautiful little girl!!!!
Congrats guys!! I know all about little girls. I have 4!! My oldest is graduating college this weekend, my second is going for nursing and she'll be a Junior. I have a sweet 16 year old and finally my youngest will turn 12 later this year. I am very blessed. All have hunted or gone hunting and fishing with me and love the outdoors!!
Congrats on the beautiful little addition to the family. Her brother may change his mid one day though! lol
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