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Day at the capital fighting for iowa!!!!


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Great day for iowa. I am not a fan of the the politicians who are sell outs & those that want to ruin the great fragile state we have here. Like I’ve said multiple times- there is some good ones!!!!!!
I got to speak & debate on an awful bill with the bill sponsor today with other legislators & lobbyists present. I was respectful but I was the same here as I was there…. Stuck with facts, pointed out problems with the bill & discussed the current state of Iowas hunting. Humbly, I’ll say I don’t believe the bill sponsor expected to hear from someone who knew the issues, the bill itself & the dynamics of iowa. It went VERY WELL ;)

After that I was able to sit down with several legislatures & lobbying groups & had some great discussion. Got a great tour with some pics & met some great new people as well as some I’ve known before. Great day at the capitol. We got to discuss the other horrible bills that are out. Made some major progress. Will be continuing with a lot more action items & returning for more issues as requested of me. Here to help, serve, defend our young & everyday working hunters & stand up for our great state. Good day! :).
I’m going to photo shop one photo here. Have to. See if u can find it.


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Thanks for spending your time and effort !!! What specific bills were discussed, with who and what progress was made?? Like the old Dragnet show, I’m aging myself, just the facts…
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Thanks for spending your time and effort !!! What specific bills were discussed, with who and what progress was made?? Like the old Dragnet show, I’m aging myself, just the facts…
Hf322 was one debated… landowners getting tags to sell to others- (mainly for NR’s & can sell to highest bidder). Then discussed all of the bad SF bills (crossbows, tags for NR fam members, etc). Oh & this beauty!!!!!!….. the state selling off its public land!!!!
Telling u guys- this year- worst it’s ever been. It’s like they going to war against deer hunters. If u wanted to ruin the recruitment of new & everyday folks hunting & ruin Iowas well managed deer herd- this year would achieve that with these crazy bills!!!
Awesome Skip! You ever need company up there let me know and I’ll do my best to be present. I promise I’ll behave……

I can’t find CW anywhere in the pics but I was never good at finding Waldo either
Thank you Skip. I attended the DNR meeting in Lucas County tonight. Not a lot of discussion but it seemed there were a few in the crowd that were aware of the bad bills this year. I hope none of them pass and they just leave hunting in this state alone unless a majority of hunters approve.
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Skip did you have a chance to talk to the IBA lobbyist? He always talks at the Spring Banquet but curious on his thoughts about all these crap bills.
He seems to have good insight on which bills that have legs and the ones that don’t
Thanks for your dedication and effort on this front. As a non resident land owner in Iowa, I support all the positions you’re know to hold on regulations and limits for non residents. 6000 per year is plenty. It’s what helps make the state exceptional. I’ve witnessed the destruction of Illinois first hand as a guy who leased farms there for 8 years. I’ve seen Ohio get over ran by NRs. I have hunted Iowa since 2008. I draw an Iowa muzzleloader tag about every other year and that’s fine with me. It’s exclusive. It’s unequalled by all other states. It means something. I hope the regs never change in a more liberal direction. I could have bought a piece in other states much closer to home but I choose to drive 10 hrs each way and draw every other year to hunt the best whitetail state I’ve ever seen. Please keep up the fight as we appreciate your passion and effectiveness representing whitetail hunters and land owners.
Thanks again!

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