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Draw length for a bow



I was wondering how do you measure a person for their draw length? I have a little (younger) cousin that is wanting to get a bow and want to make sure he gets the right size. I know what it suppose to look like when you have it in hand but just not exactly sure where you should measure from when checking it out ahead of time.
I just talked to Mark at Bluffs Archery and he said "you don't measure for draw length" "you take your cousin to a Pro Shop and have the bow fit".

Now, just returning to the compound world after 10 years of shooting a recurve and 5 years of shooting a compound before that, the statement makes sense.

Basically I had to shoot several bows this year to find one that really fit. I ended up with a new Darton and Mark fine tuned me and the bow for several weeks.

Anyway, that's his advice and he is a pretty sharp tack

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