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Google search Mathews web site and get into their forum. You will find a boat load of reviews. I am curious to see one 1st hand as well. I figure I am due for a new bow in 07. Wife does not know this yet.

You can find the Mathews forum if you open teh post titled Monster in the main IW conf forum.

All I know is that my Dads new switchback XT is freaking sweat and it will be hard for them to improve upon that bow. The old Hoyt maybe getting traded in this year after I test drive all the new bow by the big 3.
Not yet and with that price tag I will be sticking with my outback.
That is just suggested MSRP. Was replies at another site where their bow shops was around $650-$700. Who knows have to visit my Mathews dealer and it isnt Scheels.
I have the xt...I WILL be getting the drenaline. The technology is amazing, and it is FOR SURE a sweet shooter!!

I have shot it about a 100 times...I love it!!
I have shot it also. It is ridicilously light and smooth. Very sharp looking as well. From what I could tell I would recommend it for sure.
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