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Dual permission

You may have already, but possibly tell them it's just a backup spot for you. Just because they only gun hunt later in the season, would still be wrong to hunt it hard and have it all burned out just before it's their turn. Sounds like there's a chance everyone can be happy and respectful.
If only more gun hunters would return the favor and not burn out every spot they push. Not all are like this, but many don't give two shits for the people who bow hunt or muzzy hunt the land they push. Just my experience
Oh I'm in agreement on that. I'm very glad we don't have to deal with the pushing tradition over here where I'm at.
I still think we should all respect and not talk bad about the pushing tradition, that’s what got me introduced to hunting in the first place, it’s a weekend I look forward too with my dad and all his friends, it’s a whole different feel from bow hunting that is a blast, not about big deer just filing the freezer for the non bow hunters mostly. Plus the guys that bow hunt before we push the timber’s are usually chasing big deer throughout the year, one weekend walking thru it doesn’t push them out forever. I think it’s a give take and we all should respect anyone’s choice on how they want to hunt ground they have permission on. So I say hunt it how you want and use common sense

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That's fine, as long as you guys are ethical and safe and don't shoot at running animals. Probably can't say that about many. As a kid some of my first hunts were drives as well. At the time, it was a lot of fun. Nowadays my dad and I still enjoy hunting with each other, but the driving has ended. And I'm still glad we don't have to deal with it around here anymore. I fully get the debate, about how we're all hunters and need to stick together, and it's just an animal after all and we're shooting at moving rabbits and pheasants so "what's the difference?" but probably not the intended thread for that debate. I'm sure there are some drivers that use more common sense than some bowhunters. Lot of unrighteous in this world.
Really. I’ve killed many “running animals”. Keep in mind the DNR has a harvest goal that is achieved by gun hunting that includes driving deer. Archers hunting the rut aren’t getting it done numbers wise. Btw I prefer archery hunting. If goals aren’t met alternative methods/seasons are implemented. Which way do you want it?
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Thanks for input guys gunna talk to each of them this week and see if they aren't actually hunting it or just have permission. If they hunt it I'm gunna move on to not step on anyones toes

Never hurts to ask the other guys. There's a guy in our neighborhood who always asks permission for every farm he can but doesn't hunt much anymore. He's usually pretty cool about sharing info. Could be a similar situation.
Sounds like it might workout. Only issue I can see is if the guys whose been hunting it for a while also like to hunt for big bucks and you come in, bow hunt and kill a big one they've been seeing? I know no one owns the deer, but I've heard of that causing feuds before?
I've talked to both guys. Neither one had a problem with me bow hunting out there. The one guy shoots whatever walks by and the other guys group just walks through it gun hunting. So far no issues.
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