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early rut sign



From things i've been seeing,and what everybody else is seeing and saying is the rut going to happen earlier this year?
Things just don't seem to be happening in the right time frame's.Just wondering what
the rest you was thinking.
This morning on my way to work I saw six different bucks. Some following does, some on the move. I know there is a minor rut in mid Oct and its seems that the timing is right, so it is off to the woods the next couple days. If the old lady doesn't get to pissed.
I had found a spot on some public land that the bucks have just torn up there is about 10 real nice rubs and several fresh scrapes. I think Im going to put a stand up there this next weekend. Cant wait!!!
Went out after work to help a friend hang a stand in an area we had scouted yesterday. We had cruised through the area yesterday and picked out a good tree in a little saddle where it looked like the deer were crossing over a ridge. When we went back in today there were to fresh scrapes about 40 yards from the spot we'd picked out.

Seeing sign like that you know is fresh really gets you excited and primed to get out there. I'm so pumped I'm about to start making scrapes myself!!
Did some scouting the middle of the day sunday in a county park which is having a special bow hunt. Found a scrape several feet across with some rubs nearby. Think I'll move my stand into the area this afternoon.

Since I've taken a doe in the park I'm able to use my statewide tag to take a buck if I want. Could be a good spot to hang out for the next time some cool weather hits.
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