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These are all links to the bad bills going on. EASY!!!! Link at end!!

IMPORTANT!! SF363 is on here. Sen Klimesh of NE iowa knows it’s unpopular so he’s sneaking it in the ways & means committee. You don’t need to understand why or how but make sure u mention that you oppose the bill & oppose it being added to ways & means committee.

HERE’S MY BOTTOM LINE ON SF363…. Take tid bits for yourself or condense any of below…. Make it concise & please understand: the legislatures don’t hunt: no clue how bad other states are and how fragile & tough iowa hunting is right NOW! (<8% timber, 7 seasons, 6+ weapons & incredibly hard access to land!)

1) estimates of 10,000 to ????_______???? of NR hunters could be added to our fragile system.
2) by definition: this will displace RESIDENTS who hunt by permission. Which is vast majority of hunters. **we all know what happens…. Knock on door to check in for permission this fall… “sorry- new legislation. We locked the farm up now. NR’s hunting. You’re done”. Here’s what happens (#3)….
3) WIDE SPREAD residents have no where to go. They will quit without quality access. This is already happening in current system & this will speed it up exponentially!!! Residents control deer & doe #’s. NR’s don’t & can’t like Residents can. When resident hunter #’s plummet & REVENUE goes down- who is going to fix this?
4) this is an enforcement disaster for the DNR!! Figuring out who is loosely defined family. Who should be on what ground. DNR is spread across thin as it is. This bill is a disaster in the making on countless levels.
5) why do we keep allowing our elected Legislators to prioritize everyone except the everyday resident hunter of this state? They don’t have their backs right now. The little guy will be destroyed by all of this. This bill & crossbows is how we cause the most new hunters & permission hunters to quit- PERIOD!

**Im personally fed up with the politicians that want to sell our state out to crossbow lobbyists & NR’s. I love NR’s & 99.999% aren’t behind this but a few are. A few that don’t care if iowa is ruined or don’t care about the everyday hunter. The same hunters these folks are squeezing out of hunting. Why states like MI have lost 1/3rd their hunters in 25 years & it’s all locked up. So sick of the sell outs!!!
Get THIS BELOW sent to all ur buddies!!!! The crossbow one….
No crossbows during archery!!!! That’s what Ravin is doing here with their lobbyists!!!! Stepping stones!!!!! NO to crossguns during archery!! Leave it be!!!! Seniors & disabled & late season- NO MORE!!

These links are mind boggling easy!! So SHARE THIS!!! 1 minute each. Customize the text any way you want & get guys to do this. So fast, so easy, so effective. Also- if u have written in, take 2-3 mins & do it again!!! Since these bills have been updated & these are ones moving forward. Thx!!!!!…..

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