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Eating Your Turkey

Cute the breast up into small steak sizes then marinated them overnight in thick italian dressing then left the dressing on and wrapped them in extra thick cut hickory smoked bacon and grilled them over low low heat for an hour, the juiciest tender most delicious bird i have ever eaten.
We grind ours up and then mix it half and half with ground pork. Make them into patties then and have turkey burgers on the grill. Nice and tender.
Sliced into strips and marinated for 24 hrs in Italian Dressing.. place in single layer on aluminum foil and completely cover with foil to hold in moisture.. put on grill.. the foil keeps them from drying out and it is friggin delicious.. dip in ranch dressing when eating
Cut into 1" wide strips or so, add to baking bag with Red apples, Red onion, celery, and some morels. Cook that baby @350 until the bird is at 170 degrees.

Other one will get cooked with the italian dressing recipe above.

Cut breast and thigh meat into 1/4 to 3/8 strips and marinate in Creole butter marinade for 24 hours. Dredge in flour and pan fry. Very juicy and tender!!!:way:


Ive never tried the italian dressing marinade. Might have to try. Do any of you have them smoked? Or made into stix?
Ive never tried the italian dressing marinade. Might have to try. Do any of you have them smoked? Or made into stix?

I wanted at least one of mine smoked this year if I shot one.

My daughter shot one last weekend. We plucked it and it is getting smoked next week. They are delicious.

I have not had any made into sticks.
Cut breast into 1" strips and marinate in apple cider vinegar and garlic salt for 24 hrs. Wrap in bacon and throw her on the grill until reaches 160 degrees, pull it and let it rest 5-8 minutes before eating it will cook itself the rest of the way with out drying out. Season with salt and pepper to taste. I usually make some stuffed mushrooms or stuffed peppers to go along with it.
marinate in Creole butter marinade for 24 hours.

What is Creole Butter and where do I get it? I like frying the best BUT my turkey always ends up a little tough. *I'm about 6 months in advance on this since I only shoot em from the stand in the fall but really curious how to get a more tender fried turkey dinner.
Cut the breast into strips and put a small spoon full of cream cheese on one end with a slice or two of jalapeno...Roll up and wrap with bacon and throw some cookies Flavor Enhancer on it and take it to the grill. Medium is about perfect when the cream cheese starts to expand out the side and start to fall out into the grill.
I had a buddy who used to work at a locker and decided that we should try some turkey brats. We trimmed all the meat we could get, ground it with pork trimmings and the correct spices, and stuffed into fresh casings. Absolutely the BEST brats I have ever had. Took them to Okoboji over the 4th that year and fed them to a bunch of people, everyone wanted to know who brought the brats and where they came from. The shock when I told them was priceless!
Cut into 1" cubes or strips. Dip in eggs and roll in flour. Heavily add Tony Chachere's Creole Cajun seasoning to the flour. Fry in a pan with just enough vegetable oil to cover pan good. Lightly brown on each side while lightly sprinkling creole seaoning on each side.

:way: Yummy I know what I want for dinner
Haven't tried this yet but am going to tomarrow evening....I cut the breast into 2 inch chunks and am soaking in salt water to firm them up a bit. Then wrap in bacon, held with toothpic, put them in pan topped with soy sauce and brown sugar. Let sit all day or over night then through tem on the grill. New to me recipe that is supposed to be awesome.
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