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Whelp...we largely avoided anything significant back through the years that others were getting hit hard by EHD. But this year...it doesn't sound good for us. Various neighbors have found more than a few, including several nice bucks. Not cool. Harrumph!
Nothing would surprise me. After seeding brassicas in early August with decent moisture, I was feeling good heading into fall. Just got back from the farm yesterday and was shocked how poorly everything looks after 3+ weeks away. With 10 more days of dry forecast, I expect even my clover to be torched by mid Sept. Can't imagine the deer are doing much better.

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South Central ia: found a couple, have a neighbor about 2 miles west has found 4. I pay very close attention to the birds ( mainly a large group of vultures perched) not seing mass #s which is good but also right at that point where it could start heavy any day... hoping not the case;
Got trickles of reports in august from Clarke, Madison, lucas & few others.
As of YESTERDAY I had not heard of more. Until today…. Dag nab it. I’ll be at farm tomorrow. See if any carnage around. Agree on above… vultures lead u right to them.
Haven’t personally seen anything in Clarke or Warren. Epicenters from 2019 Devastation. Common sense tells me from seeing 2012 and 2018/2019, these herds are building immunity. I had 60-70% of the herd I hunt killed back in 2019 in these same areas. We’ve been drier than a popcorn fart for the last 3 falls. Something tells me the drought and EHD don’t go as hand and hand as people think. My assumption would be more and more hunters , more and more trail cameras, more and more food plots, equates to nothing going unnoticed. EHD hits every year. Some areas worse than others. Fingers crossed my assumptions are correct and it stays away from here for the most part.
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