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what general area?
Extreme NE Davis County, just mere yards from the NW corner of Van Buren. I have directly heard from about 5 or 6 neighbors in the area and have had second hand reports from another 8-10 people in the surrounding area...probably a 5 square mile area.

Also, last week I spoke with Aaron at Iowa-Missouri Seeds in Keosauqua and he was getting lots of reports from guys coming in to buy seed. So it sounds like Van Buren in general was getting hit hard.
Haven’t personally seen anything in Clarke or Warren. Epicenters from 2019 Devastation. Common sense tells me from seeing 2012 and 2018/2019, these herds are building immunity. I had 60-70% of the herd I hunt killed back in 2019 in these same areas. We’ve been drier than a popcorn fart for the last 3 falls. Something tells me the drought and EHD don’t go as hand and hand as people think. My assumption would be more and more hunters , more and more trail cameras, more and more food plots, equates to nothing going unnoticed. EHD hits every year. Some areas worse than others. Fingers crossed my assumptions are correct and it stays away from here for the most part.
That year was rough!!! I found 12 dead on the 130 acre farm that I hunt.
Iowa is great state for deer hunting, but if EHD wipes out deer and some of the top end bucks, it can really frustrate a landowner.

The worth the premium.. doesn’t really add up if the big buck wastes away in creek from EHD!
Had a doe laying dead in my lawn at the farm in Des Moines county. A friend of mine about 10 miles away found a dead doe on saturday and saw a doe that was on her last leg before collapsing
Found one in Appanoose county, right off the bank of the creek. A very solid, maybe 145" buck. He was hard horned but had been there a few weeks judging by decomp. CO came out and made a report. Praying for a hard frost...
Corresponding today with neighbors from around our farm...it isn't sounding good for us this season. Very few deer, does and bucks, are showing on cameras. If you would have asked any of us in, say June, we would have all told you that we needed to really ramp up the doe shooting this year. Now...not so much...we may not target any. We'll just have to see what is still living as we begin hunting ourselves...but it looks like a very lean year in our area.

FWIW, we have never really seen, or smelled as the case may be, big numbers of dead ones in the years past where EHD hit other southern Iowa areas so hard. I guess this year is "our turn"...harrumph.
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