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What do you think of this scenario? I have hunted an area for 8 years. The total area is around 250 acres with approx. 1 acre of timber and two very small creek lines. Very few trees big enough to hunt out of. I harvested my first buck here and it does have some personal value to me. It is very tuff to hunt but I do see some dandy bucks from time to time. If you knew a hunter that had hunted this area for many years would you intrude on him, consider you had been given permission from the land owner?

There is no way I would hunt on land that I knew someone else was hunting unless I talked to the other hunter first. Regardless if I had permisson or not. That's just not something I think a person should do. Just my opinion though.

I agree totally. Some hunters have no respect for others who may be hunting a piece of property. It comes down to your ethics and in today's environment, our hunting ethics need to be held extremely high.
I'm in total agreement ... if I know someone else is hunting an area, I leave it alone.

I'm in a similar situation, but with more acreage. I'm hunting ~400 acres that is about half cash-crop and half timber with the crop land lying between the timbered areas.

I've hunted the last few years without anyone else around, but now the land owner has given permission to another person. The land owner has given myself and the other hunter each others phone number and we have worked out the rest. We've basically set it so that I hunt one half and he hunts the other.

It's working for now, but I have seen some dandy deer on his side that I scouted after the season last year and in June/July. I'm just hoping that the big ones migrate my way for a shot. Either way ... it still sucks that others have to ruin someone else's hunting ground.
I would not, but there is a growing number that would. We have lost our courtesy somewhere in the quest to get the trophy. I have seen this getting worse through the years.

Some of these people are like weasels in their efforts to intrude. There is a whole new attitude about using the outdoors. ME FIRST!

You can work things out with a decent human being to where everyone can have a good time in a large area if they cooperate. BUT, the most I have encountered will talk cooperate in one breath and hunt out of your stand or set up next to you in the other. The courteous hunter does not consider crowding another.

I have one place that the owner told me that I was the only one that has asked permission. But I know I will run into at least 2 others from the stands I have spotted. Lack of permission is a whole other issue.

Hang in there and preach some courtesy when you can.
I must concur.....bowhunter courtesy has gone out the window in the last few years. We all have our horror stories, I just will not allow myself to be one.
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