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Brett Morris

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This is the first fall on our farm that finally feels like it's completely ours. We purchased in December of 2018. Pasture lease went through the end of 2019 so cattle were on the property until mid October, so food plots last year were limited.

Fast forward to today. We've done a good chunk of TSI. We have 5.5 acres of standing corn, 2.2 acres of standing beans, and 2 acres of turnips/radishes. Here's an aerial showing food. The green plot is turnips/radishes. The NW plot is a combination of corn/beans. The orange is standing corn. The blue inside the orange are standing beans. I'm curious about how to handle the standing corn throughout the season.

1. Do I leave the corn that separates the beans from the timber or should that be the first corn I knock down? I wasn't sure if that provides more security or actually ends up hurting things. I do plan to leave the corn standing on the property lines to provide a visual barrier.

2. My plan throughout the season is to knock down roughly 1/2 acre sections of the corn (no crops will be harvested), is mowing it down better than running it over with the ranger? I figured I'd knock it out down, once they'd eaten it I could run over another section. I could also move our wagon blinds accordingly so you're always in the "honey hole".

Access to the NW field is definitely not simple so my plan is to hunt the green food source during EM/youth/October. My goal is to almost stay off the north 40 until late season. I'm sure I'll slip in for some rut hunts but I want to keep the pressure low since access isn't perfect. We typically access on our ranger which I don't believe has big impacts because all the neighbors/local farmers use them daily. Is it worth investing in a set of doors so our ranger is somewhat scent proof? Windshield/roof/back glass are already on it.

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