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First time on cam


Don't see many of these around anymore.

Dat dare beez a Road Runner right?!?! Meep meep. Willie coyote around somewhere. Never seen one of those
Where are you at? I had great success this year on lots of birds in Central Iowa. Far more than the past few years. And if this winter stays the way it is, and we have average rainfall this spring and summer, we'll see another dramatic increase in the population.
Starting to see them a lot more up in NW part of Iowa again... saw probably a dozen on saturday going to throw out some corn and put up a trail camera.
The neighbors crp must have ran out because it was all crop this year. All their pheasant population moved to my waterways and I about wet myself every time I think about it!

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Had a couple roosters on camera a couple years ago. Can't remember any on camera this year, but did see 3 roosters from the stand and 8 or so hens on the road by the farm this year. Beautiful fat roosters too! May have to make a pheasant plot in the future!
I have been seeing a lot of them. I saw 17 in a field down by Leon the other day. I think the CRP changes are making a difference. A lot of the old CRP programs were short grasses like Brome. The CP25 that you see everywhere now is a lot better nesting ground. This picture is at my place in Madison County. Pretty cool.

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