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Flashlights, What to buy




Ok, fun process. After getting plenty of input here, on the web and first hand from many, I decided to try the inexpensive choices available. I ordered the lights from the three youtube reviews posted here. One has very high light output and this was my number one desire in a light. The others were so cheaps and with qualities that I thought could be desireable. Total cost less than $22 shipped to my door, for all three lights. Worse case senerio I start over for a costly better quality torch. Based on the youtube reviews and conversations with trusted users I am betting these will do.

I will follow up as they arrive at my door.
FYI These all have the CREE diode.
They were bought on Amazon individually for a total less than $22. I just check the 1600 lumen light out again and it is $.54 cheaper today offered with Amazon Prime. Price will move up and down a bit plus two of these are coming dirrect from China and will take several weeks to get here, not Prime. If you have Amazon Prime you may get them delivered faster but pay more.
This is the light that is suppose to be an Ultra fire. It arrived in a generic box with nothing else. Just like the reviewer in the provided link said he received his. For $10.53 it is way bright. Like the reviewer this light arrived with a different Label SML ING Shark. Same light.

Ultrafire Wf-502b Cree XM-L T6 Led

Ok I don't have the light here for a photo but it is in the last youtube link a few post back.

This light is very bright it cost less than 8 bucks and is my choice by far of the three I ordered. Drawback is that it takes a 18650 battery. At first look they appear very expensive and can be unstable with out close monitoring. You can buy these batteries with a safety feature added. http://www.amazon.com/Industrial-Re...156221&sr=8-17&keywords=18650+lithium+battery

I just took apart an old laptop battery pack and now have six 18650 rechargeable batteries that all test out just fine. Bottom line look into the battery requirement before you go this route.
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