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1) Ok, I priced this to essentially "break even" or pretty close - put some stuff back into the site to help everyone essentially.
3) I did flat rate shipping & handling of $6. If you buy a bunch of things, it will cost more than that to ship it BUT that's ok.... Trying to do right & make simple, should be close to averaging out on breaking even on shipping.

Cool stuff!!! ORDER AWAY! I can tweak orders later with new gear, requests, create new clothes, etc. **I'm running a little low on a few sizes. If things ever go backordered, I'll get to it asap, send message and make up for it. Should be rocking now though....

What happened to the window decals that were going to be sent out to those who requested them?? More than willing to pay a couple of bucks if need be, but the back window on the topper has been waiting anxiously for a few months now...

If you messaged me they were probably forgotten, I'll dig back thru old PMs. Things got buried with turkey contest PMs
Much appreciation for the opportunity to get some gear. I have been trying to check out after making an account in that site and it won’t take payment ? Just keeps regenerating the information page for input of credit card. Hopefully it’s just me and my inabilities. ‍♂️
Are we good to put in an order? Looking at gifts for some family members! Last year the sweatshirts worked great and looking for the same!
Yes. I will have to go over some sizes that may have sold out. I have to order more hats & medium & small stuff.

I’ll start this now but I’ll also announce ASAP..... I’ll do buy one get one free on all orders until January 15. XL, 2XL, etc. XL will fit most guys just fine. Put one item in cart & I’ll make sure 2 are sent! I’ll get back on available sizes ASAP but I know we’re safe on shirts XL & up.
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