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Ghosts of deer seasons past?


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Now that season has wrapped up for most of us, instead of tapping our fingers on the table waiting for October 1st 2023, I thought it'd be fun to see some pictures of bucks from years past that you never tagged and don't know what happened to them. Any one have bucks that you still think about from time to time? Wonder where they were, where they went, what their fate was?

I'll start with a few........

2010 I got 2 pictures of this guy in the middle of the night in October (date and time are wrong on the pic) and that's it. Figure he was on his way to a fall range somewhere and was never gonna stick around. Cool buck.
MDGC0057 copy.JPG

Next one I had a little more history with. The below picture is from 2016 but I had pictures of him in 2015 as well. I had him just outside bow range during the rut in 2015 before he disappeared sometime after Nov 6th. 2016 was the same story, pictures starting in July and then just fell off the face of the earth after a picture of him on Oct. 24th. My job at the time didn't allow me to hunt at all until November so this one was a real "Oh what could have been" for me since he daylighted a few times in Oct. This is probably the biggest typical I've ever chased and if not the biggest... he's dang close.


Last one... In 2019 I went and pulled cards for the first time that year and one of the first pictures was this guy. He would show up for a couple days every few weeks and then be MIA for awhile. Last picture was Oct 16th and never saw anything of him again. I'd say this one would be one of the biggest I've seen in my area. I burnt a lot of stand time on this one even after the cameras suggested he was long gone. Gun to my head, I'd say he lived in the next section east but I don't know that.



Those 3 probably make my head hurt the most of any deer of years past. I'd love to know where they'd disappear to. Where their hide was. What happened to them. Etc. Fun to think about but frustrating at the same time. I guess they got that size for a reason.

I'd love to see some pictures of bucks that gave others the slip in years past! Post them if you want to.
Love threads like this.

I had pics of this buck last fall and found a shed. A few this fall and then nothing, never saw him either. I had thought the buck I harvested initially was him until I walked up to it and realized they were two different bucks.

1673474550831.png 1673474657333.png
I never got any trail cam pictures of this deer but watched him 2 nights in a row a week or so before Thanksgiving this year and saw him once last year. Was found by a neighbor. No one has come forward saying they hit him so the neighbor and dnr assume was shot illegally one way or another. Really hated for him to go out like that. Neighbor measured him at 205 I think. The pictures are from Facebook so I don't think he would care. Deadhead was found 2 miles from home in a county not known for deer like this.


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This deer vanished in like 2015 or so after living on me from 2-4. He showed up about 2 miles down the road & someone found his sheds a few years later at like 7.5 years old. Long story but it’s 100% same deer. Never saw him & he’s long gone but such a cool unique deer. Shed he left was his final year several years back.
Trailcam pics showed I just missed him come through on two different hunts the 2021 season. Seven by seven, split brows, stickers on the inside of the main beams. Since he was a day walker, figured the neighbors more than likely got him. Never saw him after 2021.
That's about the coolest main beam feature that I've ever seen. :oops:
Some real heart breakers

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