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Got my turkey mount back


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It's been done for quite awhile, but Friday I was able to get together with my turkey guy Dana Schultz from Twin creeks taxidermy in Allison Iowa. Awhile back I posted this photo of Dana's work from the 2013 Iowa Taxidermy show It won every possible award in the masters division including best mount of the entire show. This piece is on it's way to the World show in May and I'm sure it will do very well.

Now onto to my mount. I shot this bird last Spring and he acted a particular way that I wanted to Dana to show in the mount. He would gobble often, but was very nervous while he slowly came to check out my jake decoy. He never came to full strut and his head never came close to turning red. Dana captured this perfectly. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. The realism is unmatched. He uses only freeze dried real heads which makes a huge difference as long as they are painted right.





I'm the most critical taxidermy nut I know and there isn't one thing about this piece I would like to look different. I would highly suggest Dana if you get a bird you want mounted. If you are in Eastern Iowa and don't want to travel that far, bring the bird to my shop and I'll see that Dana gets it, then you can pick it up at my shop when it's finished.
HOOOOOLY MOLY! By far the best turkey mounts I've ever seen. The feather placement like that is extremely difficult to do......wow.

Love the head too!!!!
Revision to the price 675 for any pose, still a steal for the quality. Way lower than Callie Morris and Dana's work is just as good if not better. I will give an update after Dana smokes the competition at the worlds.
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