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Gotta Love the Iowa Rut


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Love this time of year. My sister sent me this pic today from driving in Des Moines. I used to do this before owning a truck. Love it. Nice buck too.

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In 1994 when Waterloo/Cedar Falls started the urban hunt. I bet over a 3 yr period a buddy and I hauled 25 deer in the back of his Chevy Malibu!! Funny thing is as teenagers, we never thought anything of it!
76 Pontiac Grand Prix. Hood was about 8 feet long and trunk was plenty big for a late muzzy buck in the late 80s.
Mine was a crappy little 85 Chevy Nova. Trunk was way small so it was tricky jamming them in. Lots of parts sticking out.

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Brought home 1 or 2 deer at a time on top of a Honda Odyssey many times from sw Iowa to Cedar Rapids.
Got may quisitive looks.
Wife did not like it all, lead to getting a nice Ford Ranger at the time.
A 2004 dodge stratus served as a hunting/trapping vehicle for me on more then a few occasions. I hauled dead turkeys, beavers, and raccoons in it. Never tried a deer. I’ve got a truck for that! Lol
71 chevy impala. Lots of trunk room. That was supposed to be a family upgrade from a 1973 ford mach 1. I'll admit that the chevy was easier to haul deer but that was it.
1980 Honda hatchback. Wasn't deer hunting at the time but got my share of looks when I had it stuffed with decoys and a camo 18' canoe on top. Miss those days.

From way back in the day...I had a 1969 Toyota Corona and somehow, I could load about 10 dozen decoys in the thing, some in the trunk, some in the back seat, etc, and also strap a 10' jon boat to the roof. I was a duck killer back then and would take that rig all over the place. Those were the days! :)
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