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ground blinds



Been thinking of setting up a ground blind
anyone got pointers? I have a place i hunt
where i see a lot of deer in the dark they pass in the morning or evening. This year
i have corn field not beans in front of me
with one brome grass terrace.I setup in trees
at old farmstead then up small knoll to the corn 200 yards of corn field across a small fence to the bedding area and different landowner.
If it were me and I were you I would make the blind out of your surroundings. Again I am paranoid about ground smell, example:

My son Anthony and I were turkey hunting with our bows this spring. We sat at the end of a bowl that was active with turkeys as well as deer. I would say more than 3 different times deer would come within 30 yards of us and blow. The blind itself stays outside and has no noticeable odor and we were fairly clean. We were usually down wind but every time we would be detected.

Here we are by the blind...


The blind works well for turkey hunting and I might try it for photography this Fall.

Good luck,


Sorry for the size of the pic, I tryed to shrink...I ll get this down yet.

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TLH - I've got 2 tents just like yours - had the same problem until I started using shingle oak branch's to cover the tent. I run a piece of twine around the top and hang the branchs down the sides and over the top, with openings where I need to shoot. It also helps if I can tuck it under the low hanging branch's of a shingle oak tree itself.
Cornstalks will work also if hunting a field edge. Still need to watch the wind, of course, but 90% will walk by the first day and after the 2nd day - all will. Never had a buck even give it a 2nd glance but some does give it the once over - if they don't smell trouble they get over it.
Some place's just don't have a tree stand setup - this is just another way around it.
Cool...this is our first year using it. I figure movement after smell is usually what gets a guy and this work great for that.

We hunt a lot of open country, mostly because we live in it, and it will be interesting to see what happens.

I will probably stick to the tree's with my bow and like I said the blind works great with my Nikon and tripod.

Thanks, hopefully Flatlander will get some ideas from this...

Thanks guy's you gave me something's to think
about. sounds like if you can hide and shoot
in it most anything will work, just don't stink up the place.
I use a ground blind during early muzz. on a peek between two saddles. No trees for a stand and I want to use the reach a muzzelloader gives me. The deer cross the ridge in the saddle and I have about 1 to 2 seconds to shoot so I really have to watch. Also use it on field edges if I have seen a good buck feeding.

Oh, yea the worst thing about them to me is I'm confined! I like to be out in the air not under some dome. But I'm willing to put up with it for a chance at a big buck.

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flatlander and others...

I'm setting up a couple of ground blinds this season in areas with heavy usage and no good trees. I'm trying to build hideouts using natural brush and foliage, but we also use a portable "hunting shack" built on an old wagon frame. The deer get used to it quickly and you can move it throughout the season as needed. Good luck!
I like your protable wagon stand. I got a couple of new ideas to try now thanks for all the tips guy's.
I think i will have more confidence in building and using them.

BW I,m the flatlander but is'nt pretty flat
in your neck of the woods.

Some pretty good hills and bluffs where I hunt, but you don't have to go far to find some real "flat land" up here in the NW corner of the state. I see these wide open spaces as an even better place to use the wagon blind, as portability would be very important.

Another idea I've seen others around here use, although I've not done it myself, is to build a blind out of a large plastic water tank. Simply cut out shooting ports and paint to match the surroundings. The guys I know who have used these swear by them. Maybe worth a try. Good luck!
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