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Gun Season Success

Opening weekend of gun 2 was a success!

Spent Saturday on public land near the Preparation Canyon unit with no luck. Too much hunting pressure and too many places for the deer to go I imagine. Decided to switch it up today and took a buddy up on an offer to hunt with his small group. (Big thanks to those guys)

Hunted for most of the day and it all came down to the last property for the day. My buddy and I walked a creek when this guy came out into the field and gave me a shot. I was able to put a long (but clean) shot on him with the .350 legend.

Super thankful for the opportunity and the ability to bring home my first buck. Good luck to everyone else still going at it! More tags to fill!

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Thanks everyone! Definitely has been a season to remember. All the ups and downs of a season definitely make it that much more rewarding when things go to plan. I still have my bow tag too so I’m hoping to connect on my first deer with a bow in the late split!

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