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Anyone use one of the hunting models? Have a trophy taker now and have no complaints. Hear good things about the quality of the Hamskea, but have heard they may be a touch loud? Thinking about going to a limb driven rest.
We sell some of the Hamskeas - good rest.
I use limb driven rests on all of my bows - hunting and target so tend to stock a variety of brands and styles.
I highly doubt they are "loud". I was reading some saying that on archery talk. Usually it's someone who knows way more than everyone else about everything archery. I like my TT but I think I am going to give Hamskea a try on my next bow.
Not a major gear dude but i am not noticing a ton of difference VS my trophy taker? I think my TT is limb driven as well, cable goes down to tie to limb or whatever, pretty sure. am I wrong? or difference? Flawless, perfect results thus far. I have ZERO complaints on TT. If this is better, open to hearing more of course.
I honestly have no complaints on my TT at all. Far better than the Qad I had before it. I am going to keep it on my Z7 Extreme and was thinking since Hamskea is supposed to be built like a tank and drop away portion doesn't require any felt
(although I don't use any now) it was worth a look. It's about 40$ more..... So not sure it's worth it. Although when spending 500-600$ on setting up a bow that's not a huge deal I guess
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