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I decided to take a short walk today to look for sheds. No sheds found but I came upon my #1 from this past season. Last pics I had were mid-November. Scored 147 3/8" (8 point), longest g-2 is 13", 33 4/8" of mass and the longest beam was 24 7/8". Never seems to work out on mature buck, hopefully a bigger one will show up this fall.
Dang it !!!!! Every guy on here will probably find a few disappointments this year. Self included. Been there. That sucks!!!!
Bummer. Found many of those in the last 20yrs shed hunting, always stings. Always wonder how they end up that way too.
Hate when that happens. Silver lining (if you want to call it that) is you know where he ended up, and you ended up with him. The buck that I wanted most this year was found dead during shotgun season. Found by someone else...finders keepers. Really put a damper on the rest of my season.
Ouch! Hate that for you. He had small brows, so definitely tells you how big that 8 point truly was!

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