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HF 449


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This one was introduced yesterday in relation with crossbow licensing. At present a doc must approve disability to use a crossbow. The way I read it this bill permits a Physical Therapist to provide the proof of disability. Idk. Why change it.
The crossbow lobby- Ravin crossbows…. Will ask their paid lobbyists for anything to more “normalize” crossguns across the state & in people’s minds. Anything to advance it just an inch forward to eventually get it during archery season. I don’t really know what this bill is all about- but I’m certain it has the crossbow companies strategy & fingerprints on it.
All Ravin crossbows cares about is making millions off selling crossbows. They can sit in New York State, a touch more enriched & they could care less the repercussions on the states that sold out. Look at any one of the states that sold out to that Lobby group…. Archery season got way more crowded, access got tougher, age class of bucks gets pummeled, etc. Didn’t bring in more hunters. Data mainly shows it lowered hunter #’s. MI for example has lost almost 1/3rd of deer hunters in 2.5 decades. Access is sighted as main reason. U add more gun hunters to already flooded & locked up limited resource of good hunting land…. It will ruin things for the everyday guy. The new hunter- no where to go- they quit. On & on ….. all so Ravin crossbows can add a bit to their bottom line.
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