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Hit list buck goes down......Shed Buck?!?


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My Brother is in town and we decided despite the crazy temps, we would hunt all day Saturday and most of Sunday. We started the day up by winterset and kind of just wind bumped a property, and I was able to fill my last Madison County muzzy antlerless tag


On our way to the property we were going to sit over some cut beans and CRP, we decided to get out quick at a small CRP property I have hunted for years and do a quick bird walk. Birds were everywhere, just not where the two of us were walking. I did manage to get a double at the very end of the walk


Then came the evening sit- we walked out to the CRP edge around 2:45 . It was a little early for us considering the temps and what time I was expecting to see them file out. I went there for one particular buck- "The Big 10" and any other deer that stepped out was going to be my brothers for the taking. We had a group of 8 walk out around 3:45- all does and small bucks and Justin elected to pass- he also had a certain buck he wanted to see. Around 5:00 we were both frozen and decided we would get up and slowly walk back and check a few terraces where they like to travel. As we stand up- about 100 yards out is the big 10 looking right at us. Much to my surprise, he lowers his head and proceeds to walk right at us! We both get down on one knee, and when he got to 40 yards I shot. hammer dropped and CLICK- nothing happened?!? My heart about sinks- but the buck just continued to stand there and stare at us. On high alert now and about ready to bust- I quickly pull the hammer back again and squeeze the trigger and thankfully I drill him. I heard a loud crash not long after he took off, and we saw blood every so I knew it was a solid hit. Not 10 yards into tracking him I can see where he crashed into a fence and there laid both his antlers........right in his blood trail. He went maybe 15 more yards and ironically died about 10 yards from the tree I had been sitting all season in hopes of getting him. I haven't scored him yet- but pumped to have him! And I wrapped my statewide tag around him









OH- and it was really cold that evening and next am- I did the boiling water toss:)


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Great buck!!! That’s the chance with late season but the repair is easy. Congrats
Great buck and adventure, especially doing it with your brother. Awesome deer and photo work on the water boil toss!
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