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How bad are autumn olive and honeysuckle?


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My property is very wide open as it is an old cattle pasture that 2020 was the first year for no cattle. It is mostly big mature trees but they are scattered. I'm in the process of planting trees and shrubs, but am planting some every year instead of all at once. There is quite a bit of muliflora rose coming that I know I need to get rid of. I also identified a few autumn olive and honeysuckle that are growing out there as well. My question is do I need to eradicate them now while they are only a few or do I let them go for now because I am lacking the ground cover?
Wage full on war now! I let a couple fields get away from me with Autumn Olive. I'm going to have to bring in a mulcher now. Honeysuckle is not quite as bad in my experience, but you might as well get rid of it at the same time. I have one 10 acre area that was about 20% covered with autumn olive that became 100% impenetrable in 3-4 years. I hate that stuff and would drop a tactile nuke on my farm if it would just target autumn olive.
Is there something I can spray that will kill all three. The honeysuckle and autumn olive are small. Some of the multiform rose are pretty big
I've killed all three with a backpack sprayer and spot spraying each "bush" with a mix of glyphosate and 2-4-D. Be careful because it kills everything else that gets spray on it too. Hence the hand application versus a boom sprayer.

I'm a novice compared to many others on here, so it would not surprise me if there are better chemicals for this application. It's just what I had on hand and it did work.
Tordon RTU should work on all three - if applied to cut stumps.

Foliar you might have to go Triclopyr (Garlon 3A) for Multifloral rose and Autumn Olive. Gly for honeysuckle (and younger MF rose).
Crossbow sprayed on foliage will kill all three , will kill other broad leaf plants too.

Definitely kill it as soon as possible, I only have 22 acres of pasture and timber and it’s a never ending battle killing honey suckle and mfr.

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Unless you can train your deer to browse it, kill it all. Basal bark spraying is the easiest and best way to treat an entire area. You could also pay a pilot to spray in November or March (unless you have conifers you want to keep) as it’s the last thing to go dormant and the first to wake up.
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