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How many members?



How many members on this board? Looks like you just started it this month. Are you going to add more subjects like Bows, Stands, Scents and so on? Might bring more people this way! I post some links on some of the other boards that I know have Iowa bow hunters.
Thanks for visiting...we have been around since 10/98. This is a new updated board, the one it replaced had anywhere from 200-500 hits a day in the Fall.

FYI Brian - This Board is All of a week old and is a replacement for an older less feature rich board. The old conference didn't track members so it's difficult to get an exact count. I did look at the data though and I found that there were approx 200 posters and about 5000 messages and replies on the old conference. This new board features multi-forum capability, addition of pictures, and various e-mail functions that the old one would not do. So I'm sure the owners will be adding new stuff as we go.

Your support is appreciated and be sure to tell your friends about iowawhitetail.com. Try the new "mail this to a friend" feature at the top of every post, and come back often. Thanks Again
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