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How many of you out there have used DECOY'S? Part 2



DecoyGuy is having some technical difficulties with his Username but wanted us to pass this pic on to you guys.

He wrote...

"Two years ago, I shot a 10x10 off of this remote controlled decoy".


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Last year I shot this deer on the third day of bow season. I put the rack in the decoy and stuck it in the bean field so it was highly visible. I first got a short video clip of this buck while standing and then I had to shut the camera off and get serious. I blew a light grunt call to get him looking my way, then he looked in my direction. At that moment, I took the remote and flickered the tail on the decoy and the deer locked his eyes on the decoy. Still probably 120 yds out, he rubbed a tree and then proceeded to walk fast towards me until he ended up within 10 feet of the decoy. The rest is history as one might say. Bucks like to check out other bucks early in the season as some are still in bachelor groups and others that are not, seem to still want to check out their competition. If you try a decoy early in the season, try putting a rack in it and use just plane buck urine underneath. It has worked for me the last few years during bow season. Below is a picture of one of the deer I took last season.
End results, what we all hope for...Congrats DecoyGuy!


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