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HSB 175 increase in hunting/furharvesting fees

I support an increase in hunting/furharvesting fees

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lil off topic but I would support a substantial rate increase if it meant increasing the number of conservation officers. Having one CO for multiple counties is ridiculous. It should be one CO per county, minimum.
It's my understanding this increase to the general fund would have helped maintain officers and department positions. I was also told they have already not replaced around 50 of those position which in turn is really spreading some of our officers thin. the money is also allocated for a lot of public hunting assess types of programs where the DNR plants food plots and maintains different things. There's a lot of other things this money would be used for as well obviously, those are just a few that continually get discussed.
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Your right, it would be an option! The part that many either fail to understand or just don't like it because they are a NR. We as residents have all for the most part have said we are willing to pay more to hunt our own state. We all want to protect the best wildlife resource we have. You said for 1/3 the $ we can hunt lots of states @ us with a chance at a decent buck! I love the idea! Go and do that. There's nothing that would make me happier than some of the NR to go hunt rifle season during the middle of November in Mn, Illinois, Missouri etc etc. There is nothing like trying to do what you can for the deer and deer hunting in our state, then have to listen to SOME of the NR who want to put their opinions in on what the state should do!
I have 3 young boys and access is getting tough. Most of the NR don't bat an eye about the $ to come here to hunt (as well as buy land). With that being said the last thing any of us residents want is more NR. Im not against NR I just want to make sure my kids have a place to hunt as they age. It's pretty simple and most understand it.

You should buy a farm
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