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I found your arrow


This is a big shot in thr dark here but maybe it will work.
Looking for the owner of a 28" carbon express maxima 250 mossy oak camo I believe. White and yellow Feathers Tipped with a 2 blade rage and some goofy orange hard plastic washer between the head and the arrow.
I found the arrow but its connected to a critter.
Jefferson county
Pm me with any info and ill see what I can do for ya
Ive contacted everyone in the area, but I do know there are some guys that come down from northern iowa and michigan that hunt farms a mile or more away. With the shot placement its hard to tell gow far it could have come from. Very bad shot placement to say the least.
Not much in the rack category. But I can say he was the oldest buck that we have had the pleasure of hunting. 8-9 yrs old. Heavy heavy antlers. He's was well past his prime and as nocturnal as they come, absolutely zero daylight pics of this guy
Lets see pictures!! Anyone wanting to claim him will have to telly ou a believable story of when and how anywhooo :D

Let er rip
The odd thing is that the arrow is still fully in tact. I personally cant see a deer with half an arrow sticking out of it go too incedibly far without breaking the arrow. This deer had to have been shot during the early bow split as it was actually found about 75 yards from one of my stands. Weird deal all around.

I have pics on my Kansas lease from an 8 that took an arrow in the neck two weeks prior and it was still intact. He worked the scrape 3 nights with that arrow in there.
What do you mean by it being a setup? The deer could have come from anywhere. I know for a fact it was not shot on our ground. Just trying to give somebody some closure on a shot that went bad or a blood trail that went cold. I know that someday I might be on the other end of the situation
Don't read too much into it. I'm new to the forum but I've noticed more negativity than expected. It's like everyone thinks everyone else is out to get them. Oh well. Thanks for at least trying to find his home. The golden rule is a lost art these days.
I killed a deer a few years back that had a crossbow bolt stuck out of its head..It had been that way since October. Oddly, it was still in tact, even after I dumped him the first weekend in December.
I am still looking for a 200ish 6x6 that has a Gold tip and a stricknine in its drivers side shoulder. White and yellow vanes. I can describe the rack.

Never found him but I'm sure someone has found it or Killed it.

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