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I agree. One thing they do pretty well too - close their borders and know how to deal with people coming and going (immigration or travel). We all know what our Clown for a Pres is up to with open borders and millions new voters. Side rant. Yep, BB is the bomb. Citizens of our country "quit getting it" about 40-50 years ago. Maybe Reagan era was a glimpse of a rebound in our culture & country. Beyond that, it's like civilizations for thousands of years, I'm worried we're downhill. I study history a lot, short term (100 years) and long term (300 to thousands)..... I'm an optimist but I personally think the glory years for us have passed us by. I believe our unique nation was at its peak after world war II and was a rising nation since the founding. I believe that around the Vietnam era, the spoiled, hippy, low life, maget infested dirt bags have allowed (in their growing #'s) our country to spiral downhill into an entitled, sissy-boy, anti-military, liberal mentality that has taken over. After WWII it was a miracle getting Reagan (and I actually liked some things LBJ & Kennedy did, believe it or not) and if we keep down this path, the country we've known & understood since the founding days are over. Half the country elects Obama, the antithesis opposite of BB - we've got some serious hard times ahead folks. GO BB! Go BY-BY Obummer!
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The best part was watching the idiot get all defensive to what a real leader looks, sounds and acts like. What an embarrassment to our country, what message does it send to our enemies when the pres won't even make time for an ally. He has extremely low class, it just shocks me that so many poeple support his view.
I wish I could argue with you guys...but I can't. I see it the same way, while we are still a great nation, we are in decline in many ways. I see it every day in multiple ways.

Bibi is a real leader...many here cannot even grasp what one looks like anymore.
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