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IBA Update Week 10

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Please read SF516, very important to all that use Iowa's public areas

Iowa Bowhunters Association

Legislative Update

Week 10

There isn’t any new legislation, but we must continue to remind legislators how we feel about these pieces of legislation listed below. After the initial outrage over legislation, we sometimes become complacent and let things slide. Everything listed below is on the House or Senate calendar, they can/will be brought to the full House or Senate for debate and vote. Now is not the time to let up.

Our Call to Action is receiving lots of visitors, but not enough responders. We try to make it as easy as possible, one click on each piece of legislation. Talking points are already added or you can add your own comments as well.


SF516 – (formerly SSB1198) A bill to change state policy on open spaces, land acquisition and trails

SF516 didn’t pass out of subcommittee this week but was later send to full Ways and Means committee.

We assume that the only group supporting SF516, Farm Bureau put enough pressure on legislator to move it forward. The Ways and Means Committee has two meeting scheduled this week, they will not quit till they move SF516 forward. We will have a Call to Action soon on 516. A list of Ways and Means committee members will be listed at end of this update

SF550 (formerly SSB1125) Natural Resource Funding (IWILL)

On Senate calendar

SF548(formerly SSB1129) Forest Reserve Program Changes

On Senate Calendar

SSB1184Pertains to Depredation Tags (O)

Sponsored by Natural Resource Committee and Sen. Sweeney

SF383Adds Physical Therapist to list as to who OK’s disability permit. (M)

Allows Physical therapist along with a doctor to decides who will receive disabled crossbow permit

Sponsored by Sen. Sweeney – District 27 – Hardin Co. annette.sweeney@legis.iowa.gov

SF363 is now in the Ways and Means committee and passed out of subcommittee this week. It will make it’s way to full Senate floor. Even Farm Bureau against SF363

SF363 (formerly SF277)NR family member deer tags (O)

Nonresident Family Members Deer Tags (A) - This bill creates a special deer hunting license available to certain nonresident family members. The bill allows a nonresident who is a family member of a resident to purchase a nonresident family member deer hunting license for a fee that is one-half the fee of a nonresident deer hunting license established by the Natural Resource Commission by rule. A nonresident may only use a nonresident family member hunting license while hunting with a resident who is a family member of the nonresident Sponsored by Sen. Klimesh - District 32 - Winneshiek Co. mike.klimesh@legis.iowa.gov

SF208 – (formerly SF175) Second Chance Bow Tags (O) - This bill allows a person who was unsuccessful in taking a deer during a bow season while using a bow season deer hunting license, to use the license and

unfilled tag during the late muzzleloader season or the January antlerless deer hunting season that follows the

bow season for which the license and tag were valid. A person hunting pursuant to the bill is authorized to hunt

using a crossbow during the January antlerless deer hunting season.

On Senate debate calendar

SJR8 (also HJR6)– Constitutional Amendment right to hunt, fish, trap and harvest wildlife (S)

HF582A veteran with permanent disability due to military service may use a crossbow in any archery season (M)

On House calendar for debate

HF538This is the House version of SF383. Physical Therapist approval for crossbow (O)

HF - House File HSB - House Study Bill SF - Senate File SSB - Senate Study Bill

(O) – Oppose

(S) – Support

(M)- Monitoring

(NR)- Not registered; meaning our lobbyist has not declared our position yet.

Ways and Means Senate Members

Dan Dawson (R, District 10), Chair

Carrie Koelker (R, District 33), Vice Chair

Pam Jochum (D, District 36), Ranking Member

Mike Bousselot (R, District 21)

Waylon Brown (R, District 30)

Chris Cournoyer (R, District 35)

Adrian Dickey (R, District 44)

William A. Dotzler Jr. (D, District 31)

Dawn Driscoll (R, District 46)

Mike Klimesh (R, District 32)

Janet Petersen (D, District 18)

Herman C. Quirmbach (D, District 25)

David D. Rowley (R, District 5)

Jason Schultz (R, District 6)

Annette Sweeney (R, District 27)

Todd E. Taylor (D, District 40)

Cindy Winckler (D, District 49)

Brad Zaun (R, District 22)
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