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Improving Website??? - Ideas, input, suggestions.....

We should have to use tapatak, whatever that is.
For Christ's sakes, just have an "upload a file" icon that works, like every other outdoor forum I'm on.
Really, it can and should be easy to do?
Why can t some mod here address this issue?
Do you notice you are the only one whining about this ? You have been offered several solutions and you won't even consider trying. Weird how everyone else has it figured out.

Bucksnbears, this is what I see on my phone. I just tap the little picture icon and it prompts me to drop an image. Tap insert on the full image choice and you're done. Hope this helps.
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sorry, i will re-phrase. Is there an app that I can download for iphone or does everyone just access via the internet?
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What about a property tour thread? Let the people see some of these farms and all the hard work we put in! I've seen on other forums post along as they do projects and its cool to see them develop their farms along the years
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