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Iowa Harvest Reports III



iowawhitetail.com's good friend IADroptine and his 11/1/00 Buck!


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This was also sent in over the weekend, what a great story!

Mark Mincks words...

I have been hunting whitetails for many years and this year I got my wife (Nancy) interested in bow hunting. She has never deer hunted with any type of weapon before. This last summer I started practicing with her and she picked it up very guickly and it was no time I could see she was ready for the challenge.

Do to her work schedule she is not able to hunt as often as she would like to but we made the best of it. I put two stands in the same tree so we could go together and I could help her when the moment of truth came. We only got to hunt 5-6 times together and we saw several nice bucks but nothing came within range. We decided to move the stands about 300 yards into a saddle where the deer have been moving through. I decided to wait a couple of days to hunt the stand so things could settle down. On the afternoon of Nov.2nd the wind was right so we headed to her stand. We reached the stands around 4:00 and we just got settled in and I heard something off to the east of us. I got Nancys attention and it wasn't long that a doe was heading our way with a good buck not far behind her. They were on a trail that would bring them 15 yards from our tree. I had cut two shooting lanes and the doe was standing right in the first lane and the buck was just 10 yards behind her rubbing on a tree. I whispered to Nancy to keep her eyes on the doe and not to move at all cause at this time she was looking right at us. The doe started to get nervous and stomped her foot and I thought it was all over,the buck came to full alert standing only 18 yards away. Then something eased the does mind and she started walking down the trail and the buck is right behind her. Nancy came to full draw when the buck pasted behind a tree and then the moment of truth. I grunted to stop the buck in the shooting lane and he stopped and looked and she released and sent the arrow on its way. The arrow hit right behind the front shoulder and I knew that it would not be long untill Nancy would have her hands on her very first buck. We tracked him for 100 yards and there he was, Nancy was very excited, almost as much as I was for her. She is already talking about next year. This is one hunt that I know she will never forget and I know I will remember it for a life time. I am just glad to have been a part of this experience with my wife.

Conference Board Member "150 Class" and his nice Iowa buck!

Tad Wheeler of "Whitetail Archery" with his 150 inch Iowa Buck!

Jason Wallace of "Whitetail Agency" with a nice Double Main Beam Iowa Buck!

You sure can tell November is here, lots of bucks going down through out the state of Iowa. We will continue to post pics in the Photo Gallery and only post them in the Conference if you have text to add or just request it.

Keep them coming!

The Staff,

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